We combine makeup with passion and purity
At your comfort and highly hygenic
Not just coloring but creating
We're a renovation studio with modular approach
Modular Minds

Ritzart’s professionals tend to redefine the latest fashion culture to signify our fascination and adaptation of Art.

Reach to Preach

Our Art is all about being transferred to the right hands that later enhance and blooms worldwide.

Creativity with Care

We not only create aesthetic art but also care for the quality of knowledge from which it is produced.

Transcending since 1996

RITZART is not just a brand, It’s an “EMOTION” that has turned into infrastructure in the year 2021. The Brand name has its own tale to tell, starting from its color patterns and services, to the valid reason behind keeping its name. So, it all began in the year 1996 when a salon named “ritz” based in Delhi- Gurugram started...

Our Anthology
Hands-on to Hygiene

We make sure to have sanitized and clean salon services. As we do prioritize our clients’ health than anything.

Consulting our Clients

We make sure to consult our clients regarding product and services, this helps us to cater them efficiently and effectively"

Skilled and Updated

The world of creativity needs to have a modular mindset and we obviously match the pace of trend.

Persona Enhancing Makeover

When your passion is your profession, you put your heart and soul into it and that's what we do. From putting 100% efforts to providing best service, we put out all the stops. We maintain proper hygiene and give our clients the required unique styles as per their preference. We don’t set boundaries for our imagination and also grab some inspiration from the international makeup industry. We are also welcoming to our clients’ ideologies that we can meld with our creativity.

Art and Renovation

CREATIVITY has no limitations thus, we extended our Passion in the field of ART & RENOVATION. The aesthetic Canvases, Portraits, Wall Art, and other renovated art pieces will tell you your own unique stories through our artworks. Beyond gaining customers’ validations, we aspire to reuse and recycle the discarded materials. It extends the lifespan of a lifeless object, turning old scraped furniture & other semi-broken pieces of the interior into more elegant art pieces with zero wastage and cost-effective.

Personal Hygiene and Care

Comfort and satisfaction lead to Happiness and voila! we have it all at our Salon. Our fundamental asset is our professionals who constantly pay their efforts to make our clients feel delighted with our services. Our skilled professionals first consult clients deeply and only then recommend services. Moreover, the peaceful, calm, & cozy atmosphere of our SALON will fill your heart with contentment. We put a unanimous endeavour to bring a smile to your face to complement the makeup.

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

- Pablo Picasso

I believe all women are pretty without makeup but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.

- Bobbi Brown

Our form of relaxing is taking on new projects for the house. Its not work for us- it's a true labour of love.

- Mark Hellman
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