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Ritzart is not just a brand, It’s an emotion that has turned into infrastructure in the year 2021.

The Brand name has its own tale to tell, starting from its color pattern and services, to the valid reason behind keeping its name. So, it all began in the year 1996 when a salon named “ritz” based in Delhi- Gurugram started its venture. Later the legacy got inherited to the family’s successor and now the founder of Ritzart “ Ms. Versha Daktch”.

What “Ritzart” is all about?

Ritzart primarily focuses on “Art”, which includes makeup and Fine arts/Art on different mediums. Such as the makeup of various types and techniques. Also, there’s the essence of international multi-dimensional artwork, Ritzart not only provides services to its client but it also believes in teaching the techniques to the people who are interested in it. There’s also a team of professionals, who are well-trained and have updated skills to impress the clients.

We aspire to skill people
Salon - 25 years Experience

Make-up - 25 years Experience

Art - 4 years Experience

Renovation - 2 years Experience



The name “Ritzart” has its own uniqueness because it is a combination of Affection and Reformation.

Since the salon named after the mother of Ms. Versha Daktch, It has also contributed to the four prefixes of “Ritzart”; i.e. “Ritz”, represents the endearment towards her mother and also her days back effort that resulted in such a massive way. The “Red and White” theme of Ritzart strongly speaks for the Balance of love, Elegance, and serenity that Ms. Daktch embodied from her mother. Coming to the last three suffixes of “Ritzart”; i.e. “Art” wholesomely performs the extra element of dexterity added by Ms. Daktch in this go off 25 years.

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